A. Look at the quick example below of the steps you'll be completing. B. Download and watch the short video so you get familiar with the application. C. Download your prep resources and get your information ready. D. When you're ready, select the CREATE A PROJECT tab.
A. Here is a quick review of the steps you'll be taking start to finish.
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First, down load our introduction and project preparation check list.

Then watch the short how-to video before you begin. Both are located below.

Once you press enter, the application will need to save all of the calculated results to your project and transmit them back to the server. Give it a few minutes. When it's done, you'll automatically be taken to



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One the REPORT tab, select any of four project reports. Once they open, send them to your printer or use your browser to save them as a .PDF if the feature is provided.

Create A Project

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If you browser does not support saving or printing your report as a .PDF, contact us and we'll prepare a .PDF report for you and send it via email.

Enter your information on the form. Some values are pre-loaded.

Use those or update them to values appropriate to

your project.


- Then -



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Let the application work. It will take a few minutes to make and return your results. Grap a cup of coffee and check back. When all the numbers are there its done.


- Then -




Come back and make changes if you want any time by logging in and selecting


- Then -



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There are several steps that based on your

internet speed, will take some time to complete.




Lots of calculations are taking place in the background and your PC is communicating back and fourth with our server to create your project's unique results or to then send those results back to the server and save them.


IMPORTANT - You MUST press the UPDATE button at the bottom of several key tabs after you have entered or updated information, or calculations have been made, and must then be saved back to the server so you can access them later. If you do not wait until the calculations are complete or the update-save function is complete, you'll lose your data. Some data loads or update-saves may take multiple minutes to complete.


When updates-saves are complete, you will automatically be taken to a new page so you can continue your project. Look for instructions on each tab or page for specific instructions for that page.








B. Feedlot Composting Project Video. Click on the image below and download the video to your PC to view.
C. Download your project prep information and checklist now. Click on the image below and download the project checklist and save to your PC.
D. When you have all your information ready, come back and create your project example.


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