FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Here are our answers to the most often asked questions regarding using the NFCP composting application


1. Can I use the same username and password to create more than one project? No. You need to change the username for each different project. OR you can keep the project name the same and just save the reports as a different .pdf document. For example, if you want to change the loan amount, amount spent on equipment, price you’re selling the compost, any changes, just use the same project name for entering the data and save the reports with a different name. 2. Why doesn’t the analysis automatically select FY1, FY2, and FY3? You have to choose these because of the way the database works. Several selections rely on a cascading table - the selection that was made before the current selection. This is a little quirk that we couldn’t avoid. 3. Can we change the recipe? Yes, you can change the quantities but the spreadsheet only considers two items in the mix: manure and yardwaste. If straw or some other carbon source is used, just enter the values for it as though it was yardwaste. 4. Is the cost of transporting the compost to the field included? No. The cost for spreading the compost is a variable but transportation costs to the field are not included. 5. Is the cost of testing the compost included? The cost of testing is not explicitly included. It could be included as a monthly cost under legal-professional expense or miscellaneous expense, for example. 6. What are the vehicles? Vehicles are pick-ups or other trucks or automobiles that are needed to transport personnel but not equipment used for the actual production of compost. 7. Is inflation included in Pro Forma years FY2 and FY3? No. Estimates are production or flat pro forma estimates only. You can adjust your annual change in overall sales price and output as a percent of change in FY2 and FY3 as performance improves and or grows. However ever no percentage of inflation is applied to any other costs. Use your best estimate of current pricing and costs for FY1 for the best estimate of performance. 8. Can I come back and update my project or change values and re-run the estimates? Yes. Select the tab "UPDATE PROJECT", log in with your credentials, and you'll be taken to your original estimates. Make the changes you believe are appropriate, and do everything again you did the first time. When done, click "UPDATE" at the bottom of the page to update your record on the server. Then wait while all resulting calculations are updated and eventually displayed on the next page. Press "UPDATE" at the bottom of that page once so those values are also communicated to your record on the server. When you're taken to the reports page, everything is updated, saved and ready again to be printed with your new results. 9. There is a warning sign in my browser. Is this application safe to use? Yes. The site does not use advanced security features because the application does not obtain, transmit or use any sensitive information or credit card data. It is only a calculator for your estimates. Advanced data protection is not required.


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This information is an estimate only prepared from client inputs and good-faith estimates or calculations and is to be used as an educational tool only. No guarantee of accuracy is provided and users should obtain any and all additional professional third-party consulting and due diligence appropriate or necessary unique to the project under consideration before engaging in any actual project development, investment, expenditures or use of capital. NFCP nor any person or entity associated with this application accepts no responsibility for the use of any data, result or estimate by any party for any economic, performance or other outcome real or perceived. Copyright 2022 Nebraska Feedlot Composting Project. Any suspected errors should be reported to NFCP for review and possible correction to be made at the discretion of NFCP.